"These bags are absolutely wonderful.  I use mine for everything from working in the yard to storing my grandbaby's toys.  I love them..."

Pam, Tennessee
 "We use our bags around our work sites.  The clean up guys use the bags instead of lugging around fifty-five gallon garbage cans.  The crews just throw the bags over their shoulders and walk around the work sites.  The bags save them, and us, a lot of time."

Bill, Alabama

"My hunting buddies and I take your bags with us every time we go hunting.  We can put a day's worth of game in one bag."

Ned, Kentucky

"We, recently, moved from Arkansas to Florida.  We used the storage bags for the move.  We put things like our comforters, pillows, and bath towels in the bags.  My son used his bags to
pack his baseball equipment."

Catherine, Florida

"My son uses his Duck Back's (Bags) to bring home many, many weeks of dirty clothes for me to wash for him.  Too bad, you don't have a "Duck Back Washer."  LOL!

Amanda, Tennessee

"My husband I use our bags to work in the garden.  The bags are just right for weeding the vegetable garden."

Clara, Tennessee